Friday, 16 November 2007

Diet Plan: Week New Beginning?

October 2nd is when i decided to take a week break off diet (^^)
well,, i made my decision now since i learned my lesson,, i gained what i lost.
so ground rules all over again:

walk for 30 - 45 min a day - on pace
8 glasses of water
no coffee
2 meals a day 10:00 // mainly carbs - 7:00 // mainly protein
sleep by midnight tops
2 diet cokes a week
2 bowls of popcorn a week

Next Friday is Free. this Friday is not.

juice -fruits - veggies - shaneeeeneh - salad .. kiiii ad ma biddi!

no chips, no-eat-while-studying, no cheese sandwiches, no biscuits

Think garlic, think apples, think stuff that has vinegar, think grape fruit, lemony stuff...


Nichola said...

Go T :) You can do it! Hope you're doing great.

Mustang Man said...

منتاز والله انا شخصيا بشجعك
رحم الله عرف قدر نفسه انا ما بقدر اعمل روجيم بفرط من تاني يوم
مستعد امشي 20 كيلو في اليوم عشان ما اضطر اعمل روجيم
الله يقويكي كيب اب ذا غوود وورك

THUNDER said...

Nick xD welcome to my blog and thanks for the encouraging words,, all i can do is keep trying,, logically it should work, hope everything is working well ma3ak,, glad to hear from you,, welcome again and take care :)

THUNDER said...

mustang man

شكرا كثيير ان شاء الله تزبط هالمرة

Alia said...

Yay .. dieting again XD!
i love dieting, it's just that im not eating like before anywayz,i get back from school at about 4-5 pm , have 1 meal a day and thats it XD!
as for exercising, sience collage is the FARTHEST collage so i have to walk KTEEEER .. so i guess this's count =D
but anywayz.. yalla good luck this time, just keep in mind 2nk you'll eat by friday so anything can be delayed 'til then ,,
shj3teney balesh diet mn jded ..
i guess im gonna start by next week =D
good luck & keep me up with the updates =) ..

THUNDER said...

Alia ,,,

my official diet partner :) you are soo sweeet,, i sweaar hope your diet and studies are going well,, yupp walking is part of college,, hehe thank you so much for checking on me (^^)

take care