Sunday, 25 November 2007

Diet Plan: Week 2 (Fitness Charts)

ok,,, welll,, for last week, i didnt have coffee except on friday (as if i like coffee so much), i drank lots of water, i didnt stick to two meals a day, i walked 3 times. i had shawerma and pizza and chips and sandwiches ..wrong food wrong food ... you name it.

keeping records is a good method to monitor yourself. it does work, and its good on the long run too.. well i used to keep a sheet for body measures, and while browsing, i found 3 xls neat charts for body measures and BMI recording one for women and the other for men and another weekly food chart, just throw the numbers i uploaded them in the box linked on the blog check them out.

what i want to establish this week: two meals a day, one snack, two cups of tea and lots of water and 3 walks.

milestone: if i make a 5 down by Christmas, i'd be happy.


Three said...

No coffee?! I always thought black coffee helps in losing weight! No actually mish thought, I KNOW that for a fact! Ba3dain come on girl! Ya3ni it3abi for a couple of weeks w irta7i for the rest of your life, mish 3eesheh haik on and off several diets, seriously! Anyway, how much do you need to lose? I might be able to help

THUNDER said...

Three i am over weight, its a big number, i know mish 3eesheh, jad i know,, (blame it on) the thing is my studies are the only thing that im doing for now, and im just siting most of the time to finish my work and when im stressed, i eat.. which is a breaker for any sort of diet

so what im trying to do is to break bad eating habbits and exercise whenever i can till i finish this semester.

i dont know about brewed coffee whether its better than instant, but coffee messes up my system in general. its necessary when i have exams and i feel crappy afterwards.

but id be really glad to hear any suggestions you got :D

Three said...

When do you finish your semester? Ba3mel ma3ek :D I wouldn't mind losing 7 KGs! Anyway, my friend tried the shorabet il malfouf diet for a week, w it worked wonders, she lost 7 kgs in a week! If you're over weight you should lose some feel-good-weight, then bitsabteeh by changing ur bad eating habits, bas it drains u hadak il diet, so u won't be able to do it during ur semester, anyway, google it, w you'll find the diet plan, e7keeli how it works out for u, barkin u motivated me! :d