Saturday, 6 October 2007

Diet Plan: Week 9

yesterday when i was sitting for lunch with family,, i put some macaroni salad, its basically macaroni, salary, mayo, green peppers, olives, 2 hard boiled egg yolks, mustard and pickles,, so my dad looked at me and said shu you stopped the diet? i said no im taking a break this week coz im tired w zhi2et and continued eating .. so my sister enters on the dialogue saying with her regular jokes: yeah,, Tala is resting.. she is compensating for her diet weeks.. she is taking a weeeeeek off diet and then dad says,, i know people take a meal a week free and its probably lunch... Dad and my sister can make a comedy show sometimes, they just click and continue for each's closing sentence and it keeps going on and on :)

anyways,, last week is into the trash can,, starting over tomorrow,,

there is something i want to give out a try,, JELLO UNLIMITED,riend recommended that,, so im going to do 3 days of that (since its the routine limit in my case) and three days with two meals a day as before, green tea in the morning (truly muree7) and thats it, and 4 days of 1 hour walk ( i doubt im gonna make four) . this should be 2 Kg i hope.

Asoom, Alia and Hani... guys i truly appreciate your support, your comments are so sweet... yallah we gotta get back to work xD good luck on your plans as well

will keep u posted


Alia said...

Good luck for next week then =D ..
waitin' for your updates ..

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