Thursday, 6 September 2007

Men & Ego

i was talking to a friend today, and we agreed on something, in each and every male's head, he believes that he is the closest thing to perfection in his own way or its by default in his construction,,, bifham bi kul ishi o houeh afkham wa7ad bil 3alam o ma 7ada bihfam addo!

in simpler words, men are about EGO and No-one-could-get-any-better-in-problem solving.


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Tala said...

you know something, my friend was telling me to focus when i listen to a guy speaking for himself, and we really brought up several examples of people we knew, a girl would think that he is just bragging and showing off because he wants to make a good impression,, while he would be really serious when he says he knows it all.. which is i donno? what do you think?

would a guy ever admit that a girl could solve things better than him? i guess that would drive a guy nuts