Monday, 9 July 2007

Imposed Logic

i have many thoughts in my head right now, and even more questions and i thought i'd jot them down here.

Mohammad Asha, an A student and a first of class graduate of med school, a neurosurgeon, an expat, a husband and a father, in other words an elite intellect, could he with the mind he has be part of a threat on civilians?

first of all, this is very unlikely to be true, no rational mind would accept the argument, its very illogical and if it was true to any extent, it really makes me wonder..
think of it this way and you should relate to it since we live here and we have passed through a level or two of this,, a smart boy with a sound mind, born and raised in Jordan, attended a school that enhances critical thinking and creativity of its students, scored 98% in Tawjihi and 3.9 JU med school.


this is tough. It is the ideal state so far for a successful person who obviously can think
what would drive someone with the previous qualifications to activate a bomb and why?

thanks to the media, anyone around the globe would have these words in his head right now, terrorist, extreme islamist, Al qaida, Arab, third world country, how was he allowed in the UK.. etc

by the way i hate the word terrorist, because people fit it everywhere and act like they 100% know what it means, and the word Jihad sounds scary to people and is not valid anymore. current international rules doesn't allow you to practice Jihad, it has to be under a political flag. let religion rule?

there is a motive for any action. call it what you want.

anyways, i am against the two. and i am against the idea that i should fight for something in the name of religion. when i fight, i fight for justice and fairness.

in my opinion what drives someone to do wrong or hurt someone else, is injustice he experiences especially if he/she values justice but this is still no excuse to do wrong.

but for someone like Mohammad to activate a bomb in my opinion if true is not his fault..
i would blame the governments for it, i blame the system that does that to people.
when a boy like him is driven to think that bombing people is the right choice, there should be something serious going wrong. and its not brain washing, it becomes logical.

when there is poverty, when there are dual standards, when your rights are not worthy, when a foreign soldier is worth hundreds of locals, when you scream and no one listens, when your government takes and takes an takes, when you are discriminated against and you do your best and you suffer. what will happen?

you will be subject to use by fundamentalists who will offer you a hand and recruit you and give you what your government didn't provide. and you no longer own your thoughts.

Governments should realize that people are not social security numbers sorted on shelves, and that people have developed some awareness and a high degree of sensitivity to right and justice which naturally should be practiced, but in reality it isn't and people react to it accordingly.

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