Tuesday, 10 July 2007

The Best of Two Worlds

this performance made me smile, especially Bono's opening verse, this man does something to people when he gets on the stage as the first word is said, he forces you to connect, Bono's way,, he is one of the greatest live performers, this is a sad song, wretched wretched wretched me..

watch how Bono performs in a completely different way from Pavarotti, beautiful picture, the strength and stability in Pavarotti's voice that oscillates like pure stream of waves. Bono's voice is filled with feelings and it doesn't compare to Pavarotti's strength but each is different. its like Pavarotti elevates you vertically and Bono takes you horizontally,,, so you end up everywhere.

some perceive Opera as waja3 ras of loud music, but its really nice sometimes. it has its time.

its worth seeing Andrea Bocelli version of it, this one has the most beautiful voice i have ever heard and of course the best smile on earth.

Time to say Goodbye - Lion King by Andrea Bocelli

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Maher said...

Bono is great, But what i dislike about him is his sunglasses! lol