Saturday, 28 July 2012


In my world, There is an open loop, between unwashed clothes' basket and unfolded clean clothes, everything seems outside the closet,  I made it a point this weekend that everything is getting washed and folded and in the closet, ready for next week.

no maid, not even part time.

I did my first spin class, I survived it! It wasn't easy, my face remained red for the following hour, mom thought I was wrestling bulls,  I want to remember this day, I really laughed at myself, I was looking at my reflection on the glass, I was struggling to paddle while standing on the bike on my second attempt, never done that before (first shout, I stayed on the saddle) ;" we are a team, use the energy from the people around you, no one leaves the class except if they will pass out, puke, or r too thursty, think outside the box"

best part is the 2 minutes after you finish the workout right before stretching begins, lying flat on the floor, in my head, " its over, and it feels good"

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