Monday, 11 April 2011

learn to stick

 A lesson I learned from practice is: if you made a plan, stick to it. no plan is immune to failure and I know for sure that once you move to execution, you need to keep elaborating progressively and revise the plan given the actuals, but only to fulfil your goal and not to modify it. If there are any risks I need to consider, it should be done at an earlier stage, a lack of confidence during execution mode is pointless. after you have initiated your project, you have to keep working your way around that image, go back to what you committed to and remind yourself of your goals. 

when you look at a reality and it matches that perspective, its a great feeling. I admire architects.

the beauty of projects is that you start at a point A, and you decide to go to point B when no one really has gone there before, so you are designing a route (among many)  to get to B for the first time and you agreed to get there with constraints.


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