Sunday, 23 August 2009

Meat Purée a la Wheat A.K.A Harees

If you think Mansaf can knock you down, you should try yourself a plate of Harees. not to be confused with our Hareeseh, Harees is a traditional Emarati dish that is quite famous during Ramadan in the Gulf region. it is made of mashed meat (mutton mostly) with wheat that are left to cook for loong time.
if you are a meat lover, this dish should be on your to try list, of course it has the same side effects of mansaf, a concrete like effect on stomach & non functional brain for hours to follow.

Healthiness 4/5
Presentation 0/5
Yuminess 2.5/5


Hend Fayez Abuenein said...

I tried Harees recently in Oman

It looks awful
And doesn't taste all that good either...
Not fair comparing it to Mansaf

Mansaf gets 5/5 on every criterion

TeacherLady said...

Oh I miss harees... My grandmother's to be precise. True, it looks nasty, and the texture is like glue and paper mache, but I miss it anyway...