Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Gray water is an affordable home scale solution

Every Wednesday in Amman, the water line gets connected to our neighborhood so early morning, dad irrigates the trees around the house, we do the laundry in the afternoons, clean the backyard and our neighbors would wash the stairs and do the windows, most people do the same the stuff on that day.

I was thinking to myself after I read this piece of news, and this news quoting;

AMMAN, Jan 21 (KUNA) -- Jordanian authorities on Wednesday warned of the decrease of the per capita water share to 104 square metres by 2025, in comparison to 145 square metres at the time being, due to the current rise in the population of 2.2 percent. The continued rise of 3.6 percent in the overall birth rate according to a study conducted by the Higher Population Council in cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Water, will lessen the per capita share of water by 48 percent, said the council's Secretary General Raeda Al-Qutob.

All our home use water is done with fresh water!! imagine, if we were able to store the water we use while showering and doing the laundry and using this Gray water for stuff that doesn't require fresh water, lets water our home gardens with gray water & utilize space to grow home vegetables.

This way we save money because we use less water from the Water Authority, we would be doing Jordan a favor by lessening our consumption, we re-use the water and we get fruits and vegetables from our home.

people! just consider this information: you flush your toilet with fresh water.

for Gray water systems to be applicable in Jordan there are 3 things:

1- necessary regulations for gray water through the water authority to set the guidelines.
2- awareness campaign on what Gray water is!
3- having suppliers for these kinds of systems

many many many technologies are available.


Anonymous said...

you're difinitely right, but I think that the biggest problem that will arise will be in accepting this concept by Jordanians, most of them will call for a boycott and start gossips on an Israeli conspirecy. In fact, many of the developing countries use these water (after good recycling processes) for other uses than just the toilet. The Idea is great, and it can really be applied on a large scale if we had the funding to start such a project,because it's gonna need lots of money to do the initial infrastructue

kinzi said...

Tha2ir, too true that a mentality change needs to happen. And that large scale change will require funding.

BUT there is LOTS we citizens can do to use more wisely, as Tala is mentioning.

Thx Tala, I've been wanting to write about this FUH-EVA and keep forgetting.

Tala said...


I agree, carrying it out on a national level will need big financing to establish a dedicated separate network for gray water pipes, we can re-use water too, some home systems don't require backup and can be introduced at this stage with guidance on better practice.

as for People's mentality, hmm we can't live in denial, we don't have water, we already get the water a day a week, in 15 years it will be 6 hours a week..

they need to understand that watering gardens now with fresh water & giving home pools permits is a luxury, if we want to better agriculture in Jordan, lets maximize efficiency and use the whole lots of water being wasted.


you are right, there is so much we can do as citizens, I loved your approach to the subject, your post was awesome, Grazias

Handsome Boy said...

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