Saturday, 10 January 2009

Are you free from 4:00-9:00 pm?

Starting Tomorrow Sunday, January 11th, you can lend a hand at the Aramex warehouse where a great deal of donations need to be sorted and packaged. The warehouse, located in Al-Qastal (see map) will be open to volunteers between 4pm and 9pm every single day until the job is done.

the faster the job gets done, the quicker the trucks move, the faster it reaches to people in need. money doesn't immediately get the aid there, please help if you could manage to reach the warehouse.

at the end of each day, this little contribution is as big as the world and makes all the difference and your action will awaken a numb, will heal a wound, and will write a future..


Moh'd Shaltaf said...

I will be available this Tuesday and my little sister (14 years) wants to come..can she?

Nas said...

tala: thanks for posting!

Moh'd: yes, of course she can. there are a lot of teenagers there on and off.

Ali said...

Yes im free as well some of my friends, see you there

wake up said...

Please see this link about Gaza:
Thanks for your comments in advance