Tuesday, 9 December 2008

pro-palestinian protests infront of the Saudi Embassy in Tehran

Meh! this is absolutely terrible to be put under a "NO COMMENT" section by EuroNews

I think silence and ignorance do cost. Protests here are no better, what people are screaming to say is the same in essence, people vs. governments as always, people want their authority in their countries but is this way effective? is it not the time to give up governments and think about the people.. it pays off and is rewarding :)

I hate how media portrays Iran as a country that promotes Terror! there are fanatics everywhere and there are good people too.

end result for me,

Gulf Political inaction is wrong because they have the authority.
its ok to let the people express their frustration.
pouring strength in violence costs.

but should that make the Saudis pay for more protection against Iran and become more pro-Israel ??


no one is contributing in essence. whats wrong with the world

I Love you FreeGaza.org and you too Anis

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