Monday, 1 September 2008

Ramadan Kareem

1st day in Ramadan to me means " Ataaaaaayef "

when Iftar begins, exactly after Athan, I go to the street to listen to the forks and dishes, really you hear them

Ramadan is beautiful because it gathers everyone around a table at an exact time, its joyous because it brings the families together and there lots of lit living rooms and fawanees

Ramadan Kareem people , yen3ad 3alaikom :)


aboSamoor said...

Welcome Tala :)
What about shared breakfast ?

khouloud said...

Yesterday I happened to be in the street at the time of the Athan and I actually stood still trying to hear the sounds you've described but I heard nothing, shiklo 7aritna kulhom kan akelhom mansaf fa ma kan fi shuwak w ma3ale2. :D Ramadan Kareem

Tala said...

Ramy, enshallah next Ramadan

lol Khouloud, Allah Akram