Tuesday, 19 August 2008

written by students in JU

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lost within said...

What comes first for me is changing the professors !! at my faculty the youngest of them is at least +-60 !
then looking for a better way to deal with students ! they treat us like scumbags , we've been called that once :|
our uni needs lots of improvements !

Qwaider قويدر said...

You know what's sad? From all the notes, not a single student has nice handwriting or even well organized note. Writing is a dying art it seams. Everyone types, and in the future, everyone will use voice recognition!

Anyway, there's a lot a pain, and agony in those notes. However some are very shallow and stupid.. But that's the beauty of university, it's a place for people and ideas to melt and learn

aboSamoor said...

Tala, I can say:
"في نظام هابط لا تبحث عن العثرات"

I don't think you can change anything by addressing the university, try to think how can you change the students minds when they are outside the university. I worked with you, and I learned a lot from you, not because we are studying in JU, but because you have a lot to teach others, so my advice you can make the change by making a good example for others.

Tala said...

Lost within, your voice counts =) we've been called "tyoos" several times! 3inna dakatra kbar bil 3omor and they evolved to wuzara2 wa ru2asa2 jam3at wal 7amdulilah!

Qwaider, most of them didn't have anywhere level to write over, I didn't spend more than 15 minutes with each to get them to organize their ideas profoundly, so its just to have a feel on what students are thinking, this is a very small sample of less than 20 ppl, I asked them to use their words so you can hear a voice behind the writing and their opinions reflect their own experiences and ofcourse fee zai ma 7akait. shallow input which should not be discarded as well.

I love examining hand writing and I agree we don't write as much as we type these and its baaad

Ramy, my friend, when I passed by the Library the otherday and I saw a poster for Made in Jordan Competition, I saw "IEEE Jordanian Student Branches" on it as strategic partners not "IEEE Jordan Section or GOLD AG" it said students! I felt truly happy, the thought that they started believing in student work and adopted the idea of the parade, that was a big positive change and it would not have been done without you and the great team you lead in the faculty, so if every 3 years I get a chunk of issues dealt with, this would be great, but students need to keep going, our work was my "happy space" at school, and every bit of a small change is not useless, it is set for 10000 student who sign up after us.

even if it was only talking about the little things right now, we are at least circling what needs to be addressed because students are really having hard time learning which should be facilitated and they deserve good education, change will not happen by an outsider, it should come from the inside, from people who see things wrong and try to correct them, I know I'm done with JU, but I'm writing this to mark what I think that should be changed before I forget, and I hope it would echo in students, they need to care to speak up each from his/her space, because JU is about students and they should be able to speak for themselves otherwise we will always have people thinking on our behalf.

RB said...

Stupid question, but why is the international student's note signed "7aiwan"?

Tala said...

HAHAHAHAHA it didn't even cross my mind =D its supposed to read Taiwan, LMAO @ 7aiwan

Welcome here RB

khouloud said...

Aywa aywa, kullo mrakkez 3al libs il fade7 wil akhlaq, shu ya Tala, kayneen bas 7izb il ekhwan mdawmeen?

On a serious note, what you're doing is very appreciated but non of the points the students added are objective or valid except for the major + minor thing.

Tala said...

loool la wallah ya khouloud, the guy who wrote about the clothes was one cool handsome business grad, I really asked him if it truly bothers him to see girls' indecent outfits, he said to check tijara parking

the gurls of adab were veiled, but yeah, it was a shocker the amount of people who spoke of indecency and revealing clothes

but just for the sake of record, I had veiled friends in my faculty who were not offended by seeing girls wearing tight or revealing clothes, and there are lots of cool looking guys who have stone like heads, so conservatism doesn't come with clothing