Tuesday, 29 July 2008

I Feel Prettyyyy, Oh, So Pretty

My sister was humming this song yesterday and today after a cup of coffee, I started humming too =) it will put you in a good mood and i bet you will start humming in days =D it makes good things happen.

You know what I feel like, a theater musical play that is performed in various national Arabic Dialects, too musical and creatively unfamiliar, that i can relate to, inspiring, I want to be impressed. really, really, really I have been looking for this feeling.

when was the last time you were impressed/impressive people [ me included ]



Hani Obaid said...

If only the words didn't change their meaning over time if you know what I mean.

I Feel Prettyyyy, Oh, So Pretty
So pretty and witty and
errrr ummmmm ........... never mind :)

Tala said...

there are versions that has gay changed to bright, and today to tonight but originals are always better.

lsn you guys out there, im serious, just try to sing it out loud with no people around, in the shower, in the car, and go loud when it gets to GAY, and GIRL. i promise you will feel something funny. promise, if you didnt at least smile, i'll send you virtual star stickers. just hear yourself singing it once, and if you wanna confuse people with you at work, hum the song once clearly and enjoy their faces =D