Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Turkish song?

Everytime i flipped between satellite stations and i came across this series intro, i stopped to listen to this song, i dont know by whom, you need to listen to it once and you will feel nothing, then after a while listen to it for a second time and you will like it, then play it over and over.

the series is called Noor, a translated series to Arabic from Turkish called Gumus the intro song on the arabic version is not the original turkish one which i guess is for an Iranian composer called something Farjad, the intro music is the same on both versions of the series, it is composed by Cem Erman.

anyways, i dont know if it will lose the interesting part in it after couple of repeatitions.in the meantime, enjoy it.

update: i added sanawat al daya' intro song to the playlist " Intizar - Ihlamur Altinda ", its very very nice, and a Googoosh Iranian singer video, Thanks Ammar :)

people consider listening to some greek, turkish, iranian, spanish and arabic music and cross the influences... jad jad this is so interesting ^^


Ammar said...

I haven't heard the music of Noor, but it sounds cool, the sound track I actually liked was that of the other Turkish series, I think its called sanawat al daya3, never saw an episode but always listened to the intro.

Iranian music is actually very nice, they had their own Fairuz, her name was Googoosh, she immigrated after the revolution and I think she passed away a while back, but they do have great music, if it werent for the restrictions we'd be listening to it like we do with the turkish.

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to this mosalsal... and to sanawat el daya3 lol. Theres a mystical touch to the music, I love it.

Tala said...

Ammar, its addictive, im playing it nonstop.

you know, i think we as well have misconceptions on what Iran was and is. but so far, i listened to lots of new rich classical oriental music. very nice. the least to say is it has meaning with lovely combinations of instruments.

Batoul, i never made it to remember when the shows start and i always end up missing all the musalsalaat seeri uktobi reviews on the arabic musalsalat and whats worth watching :P lazy me, i know.

Tala said...

when i was a child my mother used to watch series on TV that i remember very well, one was i dont know what lanuage originally was it but was a translation, it was called "7asad al atham" and another one called layali il 7ilmiya and i remember its song very well and Dynasty.

movie/series soundtrack industry now in the arab world is not existing.

Ammar said...

Wow I'm impressed! you did some research I see, isn't the sound track nice? I'm telling you..I always listen to the intro on tv but never watch the series.

Well here's the thing, our misconceptions about Iran are 30 years old, ever since the iranian revolution changed how iran is perceived around the world, and to us it became that closed society with restrictions and bans, but in fact Iran was a modern state upto 1979, if we can draw paralels we can compare it to Turkey today, in terms of freedoms and culture, search the net for pre revolution iran, you'd be surprised with the results!

Nation states always have great cultures, and that includes music as it's part of their identity, Iran..like Turkey is one of them.

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for adding these songs, it was a pleasure listening to them. If its possible, could you provide a link to where I can download them from. I would really appreiciate it.

Many thanks

Tala said...

glad you enjoyed the music :)

you can download them from the widget itself, click on the icon menu and choose download.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I wanted to say that the intro music that you showed about Gümüs (Noor) is the originial Turkish version by Cem Erman. It`s not made by an Iranian.

Tala said...

Thank you vecize for the correction, welcome to my blog.

messo said...

Honeeyyyyyyyy thanks am million for this wonderful effort and i considered as a gift as i was looking all over the internet for this song cuz my husband loved it soooo much. Thanksssssss

denica said...

thank youu so mush that you share this song! I`ve searched it soo mush!