Tuesday, 13 May 2008

quick memo

an amazing person said these specific words today and i want to keep it somewhere for later on.

الارادة الحرة
معرفة الذات

those four words govern our behavior & decision in any situation, she said something else that i loved, we always make decisions with an amount of ignorance, you need to be humble when it comes to knowledge so you can accept new knowledge. the more you know, the more you would be able to make better decisions. i asked her, how would you know your limits? is there what you cant do? she said, i hate the word limits, its like looking for puting obstacles, and thats when you mentally lose the battle, think of a different word. Exposure. the more you get exposed, the more you know what you want.

Yesterday a Jordanian business man and millionaire told us in a session as he is approaching his late forties that until 2007 he was living in a rented house and this year he finished building his own house, it took him 25 years. before 25 years he could have bought a house, but what he told us is instead of owning a house, and giving a job to 3 maids and a guard who are non jordanians, he invested in every dinar he had to establish a company making risk on self employment and today it grew to hire hundreds of jordanian employees, competes in the American market in price and standards, last week he closed a deal for 60 million dinars project in the Emarites, and is capable of owning 6 houses at the same time if he wanted to. there was a key sentence to all that... he said " when a human stops learning , he dies "


Qwaider قويدر said...

So true

Tala said...

i hope it made sense in the first paragraph because its no way i put it the exact way she said it

glad you liked it Q