Friday, 23 May 2008

Entrepreneurship and Research as Applied Concepts

There are lots of organisations promoting and offering start up grants for small businesses upon providing good and implementable business plans and having a reliable and needed end product, some get to 15-30 thousand JOD.

private companies who have been established long time ago already know that they need to invest in the added value to their products in order to compete and survive in the new unshielded market, so there will be some coupling between academic institutions [experienced professors who have been neglected and underpaid for long] with active research masters students and the private sector for percentage of profit but its for selective few and governed by the needs of the current chamber of commerce, mainly they are selecting the best professors and students according to GPAs. some professors are leaving the academia to the market.

i was thinking of the higher coucil for the science and technology which is investing something like 450,000 JOD in research and startup grants in addition another 300,000 donated from the EU to buisnesses to be on their feet by 2010, somehow this money invested will be given back to the EU for machinary and facilities needed so i hope it gets spent wisely. i think software companies have more chances to succeed than companies that have to do with mass production though i would go for the need of the latter.

I'm wondering what the industrial future will be like here. like, what kind of workers will they hire and what will happen with the overall social condition given the reality we live now, what will the minimum wage be, what about the taxing system and cost of living, will more foreign working force start flowing in, what is the model we are following, what are we gambling on when it comes to the country's resources. what will drive all this and what are the safety factors here, what are the heads to get the end product, what controls it in the future....

If you secured some capital will you take the risk to join the new craze ?!

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