Friday, 18 April 2008

just googling :D

The London based British investor from Kurdish origins who made a deal with the former government to start a casino among a huge resort which includes 5 stars hotel is Muhammad Rashid, also known as Khalid Salam.

who is he?

This guy was part of Yaser Arafat's inner circle and best known as his economic advisor and business manager .

maybe you need to read here
i found those articles i think they are worth checking too: here , here and here

what side this man takes, why this project and why in Jordan, its too weird and just through hopping from place to another and mostly they are israeli maintained sites, i felt like other governments don't want this project to go on out of what possibly could happen there and that governments are into casino business!!!

the more i read about shitty stuff like these, i feel like i am a fluffy sheep who was given crayons to get busy with called democracy, justice & co !!!!


Ammar said...

I'm not sure, but I think the person meant in the casino affair is Nazmi Auchi, the owner of Le Royale, he owns hotels and casinos in europe, and in north africa, he's Iraqi and British, of Kurdish origin.

Tala said...

Hey Ammar,

well im not quite sure, i might be wrong on this, but i was looking Khalid Salaam's origins, he is Kurdish

quoting: Rashid is also known in the strip as "the Kurdish doctor" because of his origins in the Kurdish province of Iraq. He is not a Palestinian, and a member of the PLO during the good old days of Beirut.

again, the source is Israeli documents, which makes me guess that if he was the investor that its not our government that wants to the break the deal because the former government was ok with it and this government can't afford the canceling fine because its plain stupid, so why?!

again, i could be wrong, im just playing with thoughts here..