Saturday, 29 March 2008

what i found at my doorstep 10 minutes ago

Just minutes ago i went to the place next door to buy a sandwich and shaneeneh, and as i walked out the gate, i saw a young boy staring at the ground, i passed by him wondering what he is doing then i saw a fur ball, i stopped and asked him what-is-this??

He looked at me and said "QUNFOTH"!!
he was soo scared with pins all up and face down towards the corner of the main gate of our neighbors house, how did it get to the main street and where did it come from, where was it raised to become this big?! the boy was worried about the Hedgehog and was trying to see if there is anyone indoor to make sure that the Hedgehog might be theirs. i told him i will help you put him in a box since no one was answering in the neighbors house. i went back to my place looking for a box and something to carry him with, we put the side of the box underneath the hedgehog and tried to fit him in and flipped the box, he landed on his back and i saw its face! he is sooo cute poor scared little fellow.

Wow this is the first time my life to see a Qunfoth, he has a very tiny black nose, and tiny hands like a mouse with pins curbed all around itself! then i put my hand on its back, i dont know how it felt, its like grass, it felt funny and pinny, not furish, i told the boy you can touch it now, try, he is your pet, it was amazing to see his face, people thought we were crazy staring at a box at 12 pm and then my sister went out, i told her do you think he throws pins at peope for self defense, she looked at me and said : " he is not Sonic!" hehe, we kept wondering what he eats and what to do with him, the boy said he has no information about it what so ever but he wanted to keep it, i asked him to put it in his backyard till tomorrow, maybe he would put some water and green stuff for him to eat, now i was looking hedgehogs, it turned out that he eats insects, worms and roots. anyways, the boy lives at the end of the street and he told me if his parents asked him to get rid of him he will tell me :)



Moey said...

children care about many things in life... tell me about it.

lost within said...

my brother brought a qunfoth back home the other day ! it looked so cuteeeee but we didn't know what to feed it so we left it alone , one time he brought a qunfoth as well and we put it in the Balcony w lamma s7eena el sob7 ma kan mawjood ! Enta7ar !!!

Jasim said...

I have never in my life seen a Qunfoth. Lucky you, I really want to see it. :D

Tala said...

Moey, i think all people should care as much

Lost Within, im just imagining the little Qunfoth with a red scarf and jumping from the balcony
hehehe, ain't it funny how kids come home with lots of weird things! its so cute :D sometimes i wonder what the Qunfoth think of humans and what would he be saying in his language while im staring at him

Jasim, r7 tinhabel bas tshufo, bas min wein bitla3u hada illi biddi afhamo

Khaled said...

Mmm, hedgehogs. Work of nature. Never seen one though, lucky you.

khouloud said...

He's not Sonic! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Never seen one either but this reminded me of all the sorts of animals we brought back home when we were kids, it's true, kids do care, 2albat 3inna zoo bil bait zaman, we had two dogs, several cats, birds, fish and turtles, maima3a!

Tala said...

Welcome here Khaled, hope you get hedgehoged oneday :D

Hiii Khouloud :D

lol Sonic was the only thing in my head that is close to hedgehogs, we toooo, kan 3inna zoo and we still do, i dont remember a time my life we didnt have a cat or a dog or a bird or a turtle, my cousins were abusive to dogs and cats, so whenever they got bored of them they used to bring them to my place, actually dad taught us to care for animals. i think its something sweet