Thursday, 20 March 2008

Israeli Violations

For every time Israel committed violations and state terror in occupied Palestine, our efforts as people - since governments are in null state- can be concluded to raise the voice to gain an international condemnation for the acts, an international condemnation that slows down the Israeli motion that wants to win it all legally. do we know any slight positive progress at any scale on this issue from Palestinian point of view? if you know any, please do point them out whatever ideology you follow.

fine, we are citizens here and we support peace but how much are we willing to compromise in the name of peace? firstly, how much do you know about Palestine today, do you know anything more than the death count of Palestinians?

Palestinian Authority controls 17.2% of the occupied West Bank divided into 13 non-contiguous reservations.

Palestinian Authority controls 80% of the Gaza Strip

Palestinian Authority controls 21.7% of the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Palestinian Authority controls only 5% of Historical Palestine, you know the map, 5% is what Palestinians have control on!

Israel is presently building a wall between Israel and the West Bank that, when completed, will be some 450 (possibly 650) kilometres in length. 150 kilometres have already been completed and building constructors are working frenetically to finish it as soon as possible. At times this barrier takes the form of an eight‑metre‑high wall (near Qalqiliya). Mostly it takes the form of a barrier some 60 to 100 metres wide, which includes buffer zones with trenches and barbed wire, trace paths to register footprints, an electric fence with sensors to warn of any incursion, a two-lane patrol road and fortified guard towers at regular intervals. No-go areas of over 100 metres wide on each side of the barrier will be policed by IDF (IOF). Israel has undertaken to install some 27 agricultural crossings and 5 general crossings for traffic and persons through the barrier but as yet little progress has been made on these crossings.

The Wall does not follow the Green Line, that is the 1967 boundary between Israel and Palestine which is generally accepted as the border between the two entities. Instead, it follows a route that incorporates substantial parts of Palestine within Israel. At present the Wall intrudes six to seven kilometres within Palestine, but there are proposals to penetrate still deeper into Palestinian territory in order to include the settlements of Ariel, Immanuel and Kedumim. In some places the winding route creates a barrier that completely encircles Palestinian villages while at many points it separates Palestinian villages from the rest of the West Bank and converts them into isolated enclaves. Qalqiliya, a city with a population of 40,000, is completely surrounded by the Wall and residents can only enter or leave through a single military checkpoint open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Palestinians between the Wall and the Green Line will effectively be cut off from their land and workplaces, schools, health clinics and other social services. Much of the Palestinian land on the Israeli side of the Wall consists of fertile agricultural land and some of the most important water wells in the region. The Wall is constructed on Palestinian lands expropriated by Israeli military order, justified on grounds of military necessity. Many fruit and olive trees had been destroyed in the course of building the barrier. B’Tselem, a leading Israeli human rights NGO, estimates that the barrier will cause direct harm to at least 210,000 Palestinians living in 67 villages, towns and cities.

Palestinians, unconvinced by Israel’s assurances that they will be allowed to pass through the crossings to be erected in the Wall, are moving from their homes in the affected areas to the security of what remains of Palestine. It is reported that already some 600 shops and enterprises have closed in Qalqiliya as a result of the construction of the Wall. The Wall will therefore create a new generation of refugees or internally displaced persons.It is impossible to give complete facts about the Wall as its final trajectory is still surrounded in secrecy and uncertainty. The path of the Wall changes regularly in response to demands from settlers and other political interest groups within Israel. There is no transparency surrounding the construction of the Wall and its final course seems to be known only to an inner circle of the military and political establishment within Israel. It is, however, widely expected that, following the completion of the Wall separating Israel from the West Bank on the western side, an eastern wall will be constructed, along the mountain ridge west of the Jordan Valley, which will separate Palestine from the Jordan Valley.

from John Dugard Report to the United Nations, dated 26Th of February, 2008

this is just a little bit of what is going on, people, Israel is so close of sealing the deal to 95% of whole Palestine together with Jerusalem when this wall is fully built casting Palestinians in colonies if we didnt support the PLO Negotiations Affairs Department. Palestinians needs full Arab and Islamic support to overcome its current state without losing it all for good, its negotiating on no grounds, no military force, internal factions and Israel is playing them like marionettes and just giving no bonding resolutions, its floating because of a weak counter negotiator, please understand that, all this while Arab people are waving the banners of western dome and fake freedom based on ignorance. there is nothing to fear here, Palestinians need backup in negotiations.



Anonymous said...

First, as a Jordanian, you have nothing to say on the subject. It's another country.

Second, the Arabs instigate war and when they lose, they cry "not fair!". Actually, it's extremely fair. Don't start and you won't lose.

Third, Israel is continually rocked with arab terror attacks, rockets from gaza and she reacts. This you call "illegal" "against the rules" and blah, blah, blah.
It just makes you look like a fool.

emanuel appel

Tala said...

First, as a human being i have every right to have a say on the subject and any subject. being Jordanian is a plus =)

Second, nope this is stereotyping, Palestine is occupied and the Gaza the depicted terror rocket beast as you say is under blockade, shall i count for you the exact number of assasinations, deaths, injuries, attacks, raids, arrests, house demolitions, confiscations of public and house properties, curfews, closure of check points and Medical obsturctions, IOF attacks on religious sites, maybe school disruptions and provocation of palestinian forces, or some settlers violence to UNDERSTAND HOW HORRIBLE ISRAELIS ARE. the people have the right to fight for their basic and civil rights, they are humans and they exist whether you like it or you not and are equal to you and they have a legitimate right to a country. they are entitled to everything you have. the exact same, this is called resistance to the occupying Israeli forces. go check some stats and let your conscious judge for you.

Third, wow-zy, she reacts, i guess this is how you make Israel sound vulnerable, eh, 110+ rings a bell by any chance? self-defence practice my ass, this is terror, i suggest you read more about whom you are defending. thats all i can do to help you =)