Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Blogging About JO: The King of Hearts, My Role Model

Jordan in my eyes.. the first thing that occurs to me is His Majesty The Late King Hussein, may his soul rest in peace, for everything that he meant to me i loved him so much, he is as important to me as my father and my grandfather, i learned from him that being Jordanian has nothing to do with my passport or land borders, this part of my identity solely relates to being a human, this is what he taught me, the human is the most valuable part in any equation.
i loved his intelligence, his wise decisions, his decency, how he treated children and elderly people, his generosity, how he loved his mother and grandfather, his passion for sports and how great of a father he was.

i had the most fun seeing this photo album and listening to the music, it reminded when all my family members gathered for dinner to see Jordan TV sacred 8 pm news, life was not fast paced it was beautiful and simply Jordanian.


Anonymous said...

Allah yer7amo. He was one of a kind, indeed! And that last two lines were heart triggering.

Qwaider قويدر said...

May his soul rest in peace, the king of all hearts. His legacy lives on

Tala said...

Batoul welcome here :)

Qwaider thaaaaaank you for coming up with this wonderful idea, its great reading all these posts

Maher said...

Allaaah yer7amo ya rab!
he was and still one of the best leaders in the world!

Tala said...

Maher he was and still one of the best leaders in the world!

very true, Allah yir7amo

Anonymous said...

Allah yir7amo, w hada il shibl min thaak il asad, Allah ytawwel 3omro jalalet sayyedna! Inti 3a rasi! Loved the post, loved it!

Tala said...

الله يحفظ جلالة القائد الاعلى الملك عبدالله الثاني اللي حامل هم الاردن و اللي على قد ثقة شعبه و اللي بسمعنا و ما بمنع من انتقاد سياسة الحكومة و الهدف الاول و الاخير من كل هاد أردن اوعى وافضل و مليان محبة و سلام و استقرار

Anonymous said...

May God rest his soul in piece, I miss him so much, his intelligence, wisdom and strong stands, I loved him so much in his life and I will always be proud of being Jordanian because of him. "Allah Yr7amo"

And wishing all the best to our beloved king Abdullah II, may God give him the all strength to build our future.

Love Jordan