Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Abbas and Clamp Shells

Rice is in Ramallah and Abbas calls for a truce before resuming peace talks.

sigh.. IDF just slaughtered 110+ Palestinians and Abbas is ready to resume talks after a truce!well you can't tell Hamas to stop firing, (can you see the problem) so Israel will resume peace talks when it feels like it. its just toying with Hizballah and Iran

all you are doing is giving justification for more bloodshed, Israel won't hold you accountable when it makes bloody decisions anymore, Hamas will see you as person who doesn't value his people's worth. you lose both ways and your peace talks will become meaningless since Israel will take a weak governance as a mean for a good rip off opportunity, i doubt you are negociating on solid grounds.

Rice is here, all the world is listening to whatever you say, you have a case and you have demands. raise them and don't let go of them! let Rice assess the damage and condemn the death of one hundred and ten Palestinian souls, remove the blockade on Gaza, people are slowly dying, and release the prisoners. Israel won't give that if not internationally pushed.

you can't have peace in exchange of removing terror, this is not peace, this is twisting elbows and is a future stability threat if you want to establish real peace, you have the right to exist, your legitimacy is not waiting to be aknowledged by Israel, what you are looking forward to establish is a peace settlement that the people want in the first place. when i look at the situation, the only thing i see is that you are operating in the dark, alone and making decisions on behalf sixty years of struggle. you should be asking for more.

i look at the international scene, and i know for a fact that PLO/PNA is considered the legitimate authority speaking for Palestinias. so its YOU. when a Hamas-controlled government was formed, Israel, the United States, Canada, and the European Union froze all funds to the Palestinian Authority, these countries view Hamas as a terrorist organization regardless of its vision which stems from wanting all Palestine, obviously imposed-- Hamas is no longer accepted to be part of the governmnet, Hamas resistance approach is collectively seen as terror since it attacks "Israel's Security" but in response i say, if Israel has the right to have IDF. Armed resistance IS Justified. for Palestinians, its a matter of survival not security.

on the other hand there are members in the Knesset who further state that peace would only be achieved by "[cleansing] the country of Arabs and [resettling] them in the countries where they came from. and others who are willing to march for peace but seek that Jerusalem status is kept unaltered. i ask myself: if i agree to a two state solution, whom of those is with Tzipi Livini in the confidential negociation room and what are you looking forward to settle for?

your task is not easy, and have to have devil's advocates on your side if you wanna be walking rationally into peace, mainly you need professors in international law and human rights, this is no joke, your conflict with Hamas gave Israel a weapon to kill Palestinians. your opponant wants to take as much as it could if you keep clamp shells covering your eyes, you should be able to see that without all Palestinians agreeing to what you are doing, whatever you do is LOSING and if its for anyone's advantage its Israel's. before you embark on resuming peace talks, make peace with Hamas, you can't go on like this, its weakening you and killing the poeple, the worst mistake you ever did is siding with Israel against Hamas and im not saying Hamas as precieved organisation of terror, its against people who are palestinians as much as you are.. One Palestinian blood drop is worth all peace resolutions you'll ever do and worth all rockets Hamas will fire. this should be your priority.

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