Tuesday, 26 February 2008


Please refer to the following (link) to Memri TV clip titled: Hamas Bunny Assud Urges Boycott of Danish Goods and Threatens to Kill Danes over Muhammad Cartoons..

The transcript of the translation done by Memri.org is attached as well:

Child host Saraa Barhoum: Amani, you've seen the kind of attack that the West launched against the Prophet Muhammad. What do you have to say on behalf of the Prophet Muhammad?
Amani, by phone: In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate, I say to those cowardly infidels...
Assud the Bunny: Those criminals...
Amani: Yes, those criminals... You mock our Prophet Muhammad, but look, my beloved Prophet Muhammad, how Allah responded to them: "Allah shall pay them back for their mockery, and He leaves them alone in their excess, blindly wandering on." My beloved Messenger of Allah, they mocked you with their drawings, because they do not know the mercy in your heart. My beloved Muhammad, if they had known the mercy in your heart, they would not have done this to you. Allah knows that we love you, and that we will redeem you with
our souls, our blood, and our hearts.
Assud: Do you boycott Israeli
and Danish products?
Amani: Yes, Assud. I do.
Assud: You've stopped eating
them altogether?
Amani: I have.
Assud: That's great. Keep it up.
Saraa: All of us will definitely boycott Danish products, and even before that, we will
boycott Israeli products, Amani.
Amani: With your permission, I'd like to continue.
Assud and Saraa: Go ahead.
Amani: Finally, I'd like to apologize to the Messenger of Allah. May Allah curse these infidels, who have gone astray. We the soldiers of the pioneers of tomorrow, apologize to you, beloved Messenger of Allah. Denmark has spoken heresy, but you are a source of pride and mercy for Islam and the Muslims.
Assud: The [American] cowboys have spoken heresy as well.
Amani: Our brothers, the Americans, have affronted the Prophet Muhammad...
Assud: They are not our brothers, they are criminals.
Amani: What?
Assud: They are infidels, not our brothers.
Amani: They are enemies of Allah, and they have affronted the Prophet Muhammad.
Saraa: How did these Danes have the audacity to affront the Messenger of Allah? Do you have an answer to that, Assud?
Assud: No, I don't. Maybe because the Arabs and Muslims keep silent, [the Danes] humiliated them and did these things to them.
Saraa: That's one reason, but there is an even more important reason, Assud.
Assud: I have no idea.
Saraa: It's because the West has seen that we've moved away from the religion of Allah, and from the Sunna of our Prophet Muhammad. They have also seen that we have forsaken the religion of Allah, and therefore, they could affront the Prophet, because... We have done nothing toredeem the Prophet Muhammad. But I say to them: You haven't seen anything yet. Allah willing, the soldiers of the Pioneers of Tomorrow will redeem the Prophet Muhammad with all that they possess, and even with their blood, Assud. They will not allow them to do this again.
Assud: If they do it again, Saraa, we will kill them, right?
Saraa: Allah willing.
Assud: I will bite them and eat them up.
Saraa: Yes.
Assud, we are not terrorists. All we want is to get our beloved homeland, Palestine, back. We want all of Palestine to be ours. We are not terrorists...
Assud: Because it was ours to begin with, right?
Saraa: Right. They say we are terrorists merely because we want this, but of course, we're not terrorists...
Assud: They are the terrorists.
Saraa: Yes, Assud. Allah willing, we will regain the cities under Zionist occupation, such as Jaffe, Haifa, Acre, Ashdod, the village of Hoj, and all the Palestinian cities.
Assud: Saraa, do you know what I'm hoping for? I want us to take Jaffe, Acre, Haifa, and all of Palestine, Allah willing, and then we'll go to Iraq. All the borders will be opened. Between Egypt and us, there will be no barriers, and the same goes for Jordan and Saudi Arabia. We'll come and go by car. I hope this comes true. Do you think this will come true?
Saraa: Allah willing, this will come true soon.
Assud: Allah willing, when I am martyred, a tiger will take my place... Allah willing, I will be the one to fix things, and there won't be any tiger. The "Pioneers of Tomorrow" and I will make this dream come true.
Who will host this show if you are martyred? Will 100,000 Saraas take your place?
Saraa: Allah willing, Assud.
Assud: We'll take them from among the Pioneers of Tomorrow, Allah willing.
Saraa: Allah willing, there are thousands of soldiers of the Pioneers of Tomorrow.
Assud: Martyrdom for the sake of Allah is what we hope for, right?
Saraa: Right, Assud.
Saraa: What do you have to say to the cartoonist who started all this, and affronted the Prophet by drawing him?
Assud: He's a criminal...
Saraa: Yes, a criminal.
Tasnim, by phone: I say to him, and to all of them, that no matter how much they try to hide him, we will manage to kill him, to assassinate him.
Assud: Allah willing.
Saraa: I pray that Allah makes the earth swallow him up, so that he serves as a lesson to others like him, Tasnim.
Assud, it appears that our show is coming to an end. What do you have to say to this criminal, the cartoonist who affronted the Prophet by drawing him?
Assud: I say to him what you already said: You criminal, you lowlife, you scum of the earth – right, Saraa? Allah willing, the day will come when you will regret what you did.

MEMRI TV : The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) was founded in 1998 in Washington, DC to bridge the language gap between the Middle East and the West by monitoring, translating, and studying Arab, Iranian and Turkish media, schoolbooks, and religious sermons. MEMRI is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has branches in Baghdad, Tokyo and Jerusalem, and a staff of over 70 working around the globe. MEMRI's research is translated into English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish with a subscriber list of over 75,000. MEMRI is a 501 (c)3 organization and is incorporated in Washington, D.C.

I'm truly baffled and speechless! i don't know from where to start.

Politics and Religion are not for kids. period. kids of Palestine are already going through a lot, no need for all this nonesense shows, this is over burdening, whats the use of telling the kids, the Danes made cartoons of your Prophet? what, promote more hate, what can they do? can you imagine a little girl said the word assassinate? what are we doing to our kids people?? i know one thing, no matter what "shitty" situation you are going through, its your duty that your kids feel no sorrow.

I know you would say that part of reality is occupation and poverty and there is no way to avoid the influence of all that to their innocence. but KIDS need to live their age. Haram to do this to them.

on the other hand, i can't believe MEMRI TV is quoting what children are uttering! im absolutely baffled that this clip is making headlines "HAMAS BUNNY THREATENS DANISH PEOPLE AND URGES THE BOYCOTT OF GOODS" is there a stupider headline?! as if we need a Danish/Jewish Hate Statement combo!


Please browse the directory by country on MEMRI TV and see the translations of all clips and tell me your feelings if you are a foreigner watching, the thing is they are quoting anything that has to do with an Arab speaking when emotionally raged, suddenly everyone is our enemy, the states, the west, everybody! there should be sort of awareness that when you broadcast or write, both whom you like and dislike reads and sees! you need to WATCH WHATEVER WISDOM COMES OUT OF YOUR MOUTH MEDIA. I SAY EITHER RUN QUALITY CONTROL ON ADD SUBTITLES TO FEEL THE WEIGHT OF WHAT IS BEING SAID.



No_Angel said...

They became such fans of the show, it's like their favorite punching bag... but their translation are shit and are biased to no extent so its a shame that they are considered professional.
I just wish they don't promote the shahadah with every other line.
thanks tho for stating ur heart there

Tala said...

and note that someone truly took the time to record the TV show and actually translate it to put it in this biased context using kids who are the vulnerable part of the society. if you examine saraa, she has been truly sincere and kept saying brothers, cartoonist, infidels, the bunny saying "mujrimeen" criminals meant "see the bad people whats they've done" but i wont defend Mr bunny, because its no way to teach kids anything this way, what i can confirm is that the image is not what the transcript conveys. it should be understood that the Arabic vocab can be litterally translated to english but the meaning would shift 180 degrees because mostly you need to understand the context of how words are put, uderstand the culture and besides there is very big difference between "Fusha" and "Ammeh" which is the common spoken language, Finally No! Arab kids dont have bombing belts around their waists..

Qu.ing said...

actually I couldn't AGREE more on the fact that politics are not for kids and specially not for pal kids who are already going through a rough time may God be with them.

but you can't deny that the presenter of the show is a really fluent kid and knows how to speak which at her age most kids thinks of Pokemon and strawberry short cake lol.

Tala said...

Welcome Qu.ing :)

yes i was watching her and admiring her skills, she is a talented little presenter, kids can do a lot but need to have a positive environment providing constructive thinking.

Qu.ing said...

of course they need a constructive environment and let me tell you that sometimes even if it was a destroying culture people rise like phoenix and these kids are the phoenixes of the war which is something you can't deny based on this little cute girl over there.

Tala said...

yup, we want them to block the noise and pave their way to enlightment.