Monday, 4 February 2008

Meet The J-Blogosphere JIBs and Outer Shell Aggregators

J-Blogs refer to a segment of the Jewish Blogging Community that has been there since 2004 which for me at least is something interesting to explore parallel to what the arab blogs produce, i always wanted to hear their people speaking because its more informative than their newspapers, but from first impressions, i felt that these people are very much organised and they come in a direct, sharp, focused and clear manner and sometimes very arrogantly foolish,, drives me nuts,, but they are loyal to their community and are very safety oriented, so when a jew wrongs his community he gets judged harshly by his people for endangering the whole, for hurting the whole, the important thing. this is how this minority has protected itself over the years.

if you like to check them out, one of their oldest aggregators is

and here are some other famous ones as well:

  1. JBlog Central ; selective blogs that are very pro israel in a "good" way

  2. ; there since 2006


  4. English Writing Israeli Bloggers ; seems peaceful one

  5. Top 50 Israeli Blogs MUST CHECK !!

  6. there are more through google and yahoo engines :)

Israeli's have an annual awards for the best blogs for the year which is voted by the J blogosphere around the globe, it calles JIB awards (Jewish and Israel Blog Awards!) hmm,, these people are having so much fun there,, dont you think and guess what, whats the aim of it??? to direct new readers towards Jewish, Israeli, and pro-Israel blogs

now lets get to the arab world blogs, i came across this 30 pages article/document by Marc Lynch in Arab Media and Society for February 2007 and it speaks thoroughly about Arab Blogs titled blogging the new arab public (i dont very much agree to all content though) quoting:

Arab political bloggers engage in three principle types of activity: activism,bridge-blogging, and public sphere engagement. Activists are directly involved in political movements, using blogs to coordinate political action, spread information, and magnify the impact of contentious politics. Bridgebloggers primarily address Western audiences, usually writing in English with the intention of explaining their societies. Finally, public-sphere bloggers tend to not be directly involved in a political movement, but are deeply engaged with public arguments about domestic (and often Arab or Islamic) politics.

whats amazing is that how arab blogs are demographically arranged and each group fights for something and totally ignores the others whether its in Palestine, Egypt, Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Tunis and non is actually oriented in these communities, its totally from an individual perspective of suffering,, plus i sense a communication barrier because of writing methods and the style of self expression between Arab Bloggers who write in English and Arab bloggers who write in Arabic, and on this point im speaking for myself, because sometimes i find it hard to share my thoughts fully on an arabic written post though i would love to and i will work on it instead of only reading it.

so here are some arab aggregators

  1. Al Bab
  2. Black Smiths of Lebanon
  3. Egypt Omraneya
  4. Jordan Blogs
  5. Kuwait Safat
  6. Lebanon Aggregator
  7. Lebanon's Blogs
  8. Maroc Blogs
  9. Palestine Blogs
  10. Qwaider Planet
  11. Tunisie Blogs

Update: i added to the arab aggregators list Blogs of Morroco and of Palestine and Jordan, Thanks to Qwaider and Houssein


Yid With Lid said...

Thanks for the complement...I really appreciate it. Maybe arrogantly telling the truth would fit in better.

Tala said...

hello yid with lid, thank you for passing by, yes you drive me nuts with your posts and i believe they are arrogant because its biased and one sided, killing is killing no matter what, and what you are doing to the palestinians in Ghaza is absolutely against all humanitarian measures and yet you claim its for your own safety and shed tears for possible weapons leaked from the Egyptians! we are all humans and i hope one day you get to understand that and stop killing innocent people. Good Day :)

Yid With Lid said...

Wake up an smell the Hummas Israel pulled out of Gaza over two years ago. Gaza would be part of a free and independent Palestine by now if your Hamas friends haven't been sending rockets into Sedrot.. You are right Killing is killing...than I hope you post against terrorism as I do. Arrogantly yours

Tala said...

Sammy who is the terrorist?

Qwaider قويدر said...

Looks like you missed MANY of the Arab aggregators out there. (Palestinian blogs, Jordan blogs and a few others... including .. e7em e7em ... you know ...)

Tala said...

aww Qwaider :P i was looking for small unknown arab communities, thanks hehe :) and YES QWAIDER PLANET IS A GREAT AGGREGATOR

Houssein said...

It is Tunisie Blogs (typo) ;-)

Here is the Moroccan aggregator:

Tala said...

Bienvenue Houssein =)

merci pour la correction, et pour le lien de l'aggregateur de Maroc, j'ajouterai la

its been ages since i last did anything close to french writing, im sure i got the grammar wrong, its awesome to find a comment from you, i will keep an eye on your aggregator and update my list,, THANK YOU FOR TAKING THE TIME :D