Friday, 29 February 2008

Israel of Feb 28th - Killing Intentionally

20 Palestinians Killed in Israeli Attacks on Gaza

In Israel and the Occupied Territories, at least twenty Palestinians have been killed in the latest Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip. Gaza’s Interior Ministry building was destroyed in an overnight strike. A six-month-old Palestinian boy was killed and twenty-five people were injured in the densely populated neighborhood nearby. Earlier in the day, at least ten Palestinians, including four civilians, were killed in other Israeli attacks. The victims included a nine-year-old boy and a seventeen-year-old teenager. The strikes followed a Palestinian rocket attack that killed an Israeli college student in the town of Sderot. The victim was the fourteenth Israeli to die in Palestinian rocket attacks in the last seven years. Israeli government spokesperson Aryeh Mekel vowed to continue military attacks on Gaza.

Aryeh Mekel: “Let there be no mistake about it, Israel will take the necessary steps. Our war on terror will continue until we put an end to these murderous attacks by the Hamas and its associates from the Gaza Strip."

A new opinion poll shows 64 percent of Israelis favor a ceasefire with Hamas—the highest majority to date. Hamas has made several proposals for a truce but the Israeli government has rejected its overtures.

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Feb 28 in Pictures, i hope someone listens to Dugard

I repeat my question: who is the terrorist and on what human measures?


alurdunialhurr said...

Deputy defense minister of Israel has threatened the palestinian with holocaust,if a palestinian ever use such bellicose and threatening language the whole world will jump up and down and condemn the palestanian,it's time to cut relation between Jordan and Israel

Tala said...

well, im quoting foreign journals, to show arabs the deviation between media outputs and how the foreign media hides the truth.. that was from

for Aryeh, let him bark! he just wants to agitate arabs to act foolishly to win an international stand.

they will be pressured to back off. i truly believe in that, we should keep showing the world the truth while respecting human rights. we want to coexist peacefully.