Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Dugard Getting Heat For Speaking of Lost Rights

After Reading on several news portals on the UN Report written by Professor John Dugard titled
"Report of the Special Rapporteur of the Commission on Human Rights, John Dugard, on the situation of human rights in thePalestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967, submitted in accordance with Commission resolution 1993/2 A" i felt that the international media is trying to hide the content of this report and to minimise its impact in the UN by picturing Mr Dugard as biased and Anti - Israeli Rapporteur, knowing that this report is to be presented to the 47 UN council members next month, and assuring back to back that this report is of a Rapporteur which means an independant expert whom the UN Human Rights Coucil appoints as Adviser and not a decider of the UN policy, no more no less, if you read my previous post you would have seen that i quoted the International Herald Tribune which was my first source where it truly speaks of fractions of what does the report hold and suddenly a resistance is turned to terror!

Reading into the report i learned why he is getting all this Heat; it simply doesn't serve the Israeli agenda at all, Dugard addresses the UN, US, EU, Russia telling them that they failed in protecting the Palestinians. he has been visiting the West Bank for the past seven years and he said that everytime it has become worse and that he is struck by the level of the Palestinian hoplesness opposing the disproportionate response for Israeli Security Threats.

what i wanted to say is, Don't trust your international Journals, they will give hints of reality, when you find a piece of news that would get you to think, search for the referenced source and see for yourself.

Dear Arab Bloggers, Please don't ignore this, if there is anything we should do, its validating every piece of this report. you can read the report (here)

"Inevitably in a military occupation, there are likely to be those engaged in resistance" Dugard told the BBC "These people may be labelled terrorists, but history treats them differently." He cited the example of the French Resistance during World War II, and those in Namibia who fought occupation by South Africa.

"Now," he said, "they are in government and treated as heroes."

Thank you Prof John Dugard for voicing out the Palestinians Lost Rights.

John Dugard is a South African professor of international law. He has served as Judge ad hoc on the International Court of Justice and as a Special Rapporteur for both the former United Nations Commission on Human Rights and the International Law Commission. His main academic specializations are in Roman-Dutch law, public international law, jurisprudence, human rights, criminal procedure and international criminal law. He has written extensively on South African apartheid.

2 comments: said...

I didn't read the link yet but I want to comment on what's written for now, that it is a very nice thing to know that there are reporters who fights for the truth and who apparently discovered it,
that just gives hope for people to know that there are who is searching to know what's going on, and by who to stand.

Tala said...

i find it hard to believe that anyone would think Dugard is being Biased. im sorry Mr Secretary General!