Saturday, 29 December 2007

Post Life Expectency and Future Credibility

I have been reading lots of blogs (arab and non - arab) lately and i am amazed by the amount of information and the important variety of topics they bring up and how up to date and deep they are, every type of information has its audience, i have to admit, ever since i started blogging and reading blogs, i learned so much, i learned about stuff i never thought of and stuff i never thought that i would be interested in (im reading about politics! when family start talking about the news, i find myself able to participate now!!) , it opened so many spaces in my head and created new interests and it shaped so many issues in my head, thank you people.
without noticing, you are changing the world. i smile. you are amazing.

but i was thinking about so many things, sometimes i come across a post by a blogger, where he/she invested time to write and its very informative and i read, and then i think this post should be published somewhere because its important for people to know this information, then i look at the amount of comments, i find zero. then i wonder.

Change comes one step at a time, i tell myself. start with yourself.

i kept thinking of the post lifecycle. with the amount of daily published material, it gives a shorter life expectancy for the post, the way it could come back to life, is either by a good researcher who knows how to dig or through a search engine where you labeled your posts correctly,, or through good mixing ( as in putting two different worlds in one spot )
what im saying is that what you people are writing is SO IMPORTANT. now suppose your post came into a search result from a search engine and you got a visitor. how would you establish this kind of credibility that a visitor would trust you as a source since you are a blogger and your info is in a post like material. its not articles.
i am not talking about changing my opinion about something, (well you did, this is an achievement, over the course of a year and a half and i sticked to this place) im talking about making this written word in an unofficial space credible for future reference. where far history is in the span of the last 5 years.

Think in another ten years from now, i dont think people will rely on books for education, papers for news. its open. its everywhere. how could you make yourself read? its like finding a needle in a pile of threads.
how will you give spread to your word? how will you employ the word to serve justice, to serve your cause?


Anonymous said...

Very important topic indeed
There are many ways. For example, there are the digg sites which maintain the good posts up on the ranking for a while. but since it takes one click from people it's kinda too much to ask the lazy readers for.
Anyway, there are many people thinking of solutions ... maybe something good will come out soon

Thunder said...

for the lazy readers, i think they either think they need to have an account to digg a post or they dont know its importance zai 7alatee!

tb sam, isn't there a way to label posts through Qwaider's Planet for example? ya3ni you could do some filtering (yup extra trouble) ya3ni if you look at the amount of important posts bypassed through you aggregator,, its amazing,,

i have another question, do you have any idea of any other arab aggregators? whats the percentage of arab blogs that is not aggregated? do wordpress, blogger have any sort of statistics on this issue??

tinkerbella said...

this was a very well written post itself :)
but yes, i agree with you, I have found SOOO many amazing postings, and like you said, these are the ones lacking the comments and the interaction needed.
I don't have any solution to the problem tho, I think that without real citations as to where the hard "facts" came from, it would be difficult to make them credible.
But that's just speaking from my point of view, since we have been taught for years that anything that hasnt been cited and cited and cited again, "does not count"

But a very good point, there must be some solution though. Perhaps a wikipedia-like idea,where something could be done to arrange blog posts in a by-subject fashion and a person could start research there and then go on to the "credible" and "cited" resources (I usually start with wikipedia anyway, when I'm looking something new up).