Sunday, 4 November 2007

for JU students, join the brains!

im at the main library of jordan university, its kinds cool here,, everyone is studying and recently i knew that it stays open till 10 pm (on my final semester hehe) and its kinda booked! fee nas btudros! jameel..

i've been here since 2pm, i felt its so quiet at first when i came in and that i cant comprehend the information im reading, and i was not in the mood, studying on and off, but in an hour time, i started seriously studying,, you know,, the advantage is that you are not at home so you cant just bedge on the couch or stray for long or leave your spread stuff and go,, and when you enter home you wont study pre 4 5 6pm ,,, my friends went to grab something to eat and will be back,, its kind of cool to be part of a study group from different majors, ofcourse no talking is allowed,, but its cool to study with friends,, wireless access is cool too,, im listening to beat fm and blogging for a break,,

i think brainy people are cool anyways... loving it!


nasimjo© said...

hmm ... sounds good ...
fee ta6awwor!

this is how it should be ..... because this is why students are student and this is why the university is an education institute, to encourage education not other stuff!!!

Alia said...

so you think i should check the library on my uni ? ><" ..
it's too far from my collage .. i have to walk like TOO MUCH XD..
studyn' groups are cool , but i prefer studyn' alone =D
take care =)

THUNDER said...


well, Jordan University has changed a lot over the span of the five years i spent there, there are positive changes, the majority of students are Hamal, i would say that from 40 000 students, there are 1000 who are there for knowledge,, im excluding the ones who hunt for the grades and want to have a perfect CV and in reality ma bifhamu ishi, im talking about people who want to learn for the sake of knowledge.
the staff need to adopt a whole new approach when they teach in a way to force the student to do some research and relate theory to practice and get real!

we need mind architects which is non existant! i dont care about the information they give, i care for the mind a teach is developing! i would count myself on the hamal side for now :D


have a group of friends in your major to study with or discuss classes with, ana heik, i study alone but i regret it,, coz at some point you wont want to open the notebook and you would need company to push u into it w marrat ma r7 tifhami o ma nas r7 yishra7lek, so you will need to figure it out with friends. plus you'll have memories to reflect back on ^^

EmGrace said...

I was just talking to a friend last night about missing University, exactly because of this. I need to find a way to stay productive and in that spirit ... of everyone plugging away together in the library ... my apartment is always open! :))