Saturday, 10 November 2007

زي الشمس في صباح يوم جميل

heik 7akalha iglibi wijhek (link)
thanks 3ogla's angels xD
that was creative indeed, inspiring ;P

same3 il guitar? ... eem aha

زي الشمس في صباح يوم جميل

its a pretty sentence,, it rang a bell

now that i am sane, i think there is truly no need to complicate life,(or itdamru il kawab like school colleagues say) take it as simple as it looks and everything eventually will fall through.

take a breathe, take a moment to see that everything is still in place just as it has always been and you are not in the middle of a storm like you think.

w hadi il 7aqeeqa, just say iglibi wijhek to all bad feelings,, i dont want to feel bad anymore

hai il dinya 7aqeeeeeeeraaa!!!!!!

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