Wednesday, 17 October 2007

what happens when you become so tired to think straight

oh well, deprived of time describes my status, and taking my time when i do anything doesnt really help,, 3 cups of damn Nescafe and a tired body, i took an early leave,, walking out of work, i took a cab back home and when i stepped down, i felt like walking (dont ask me why) , its been a while since i last walked around Jabal Amman, i miss the neighbors and i miss my dogs, i want a whole day to play with them,, i kept walking to a place with a big tree that im used to sit next to.. i was thinking of this precise tree, how many times it saw me and heard my thoughts and it is still standing and it looks the same, i want to be strong, just like this tree. i was telling myself that when something funny happened,, i heard thunder!! it was like movie sound effects lol!

i gathered myself and took my bag going out to head back home and as i was stepping out i saw lightening infront of my face and it was so close to me! it was truly a scary moment, i freaked out and i looked at the sky and said: what does that mean? why are you roaring?? then i heard thunder,, i thought im gonna see the holy spirit too but it started to rain which is something i truly been waiting for. ran back home and whats left of me for this day is a lost case.

heading to bed. sweet dreams.


Alia said...

sometimes , you just need to know how to take a DEEP BREATH and everything's goin' to be alright !
anywayz .. RAIN =D
omg , 3njad lma kant 3m tshty kent kter sick but i couldn't just stay in bed and listen to my sisters & brother playn' outside without me XD ..
and we were the only one playn' on the streets that night .. GREAT =)
i dont know what im i goin' to do when it snows !
it does make you feel better , right ? .. =)
take care

THUNDER said...

sometimes , you just need to know how to take a DEEP BREATH and everything's goin' to be alright !

Alia you are raheebeh! yupp absolutely true.

rain rain rain,, the smell of the moist, the sound, the temperature, the feeling when you walk is unique,, not totally positive neither negative,, it gets you to an exact frequency that you dont experience unless its rains :PP btw, im a spring person

Alia glad you enjoyed it xD, SNOW?? hmmm.. without second thoughts,, its a street white fight :D