Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Aflamat Project

Dear Bloggers:

please find attached the following advertisment from princess Basma youth center, i do encourage you to get enrolled in the program if you are interested and qualified, the set of volunteers at the center is wonderful, if i have enough time to fit it in my schedule i will surely apply


Roland Left said...

If you look closer at the names of the financial sponsors, you will find names like Freedom House, which is an American ultra right-wing, Zionist & Christian fundamentalist group with names like Peter Ackerman, Chairman;
Stuart Eizenstat, Vice-Chairman;
Mark Palmer, Vice-Chairman;
Ned W. Bandler, Secretary; Governance and Ethics Officer;
Walter J. Schloss, Treasurer;
Max M. Kampelman, Chairman Emeritus
Bette Bao Lord.

But it seems they pay well so who cares what they represent. right?

Kanji_chan said...

^^ interesting :)
nice blog you have, i visited it once some time ago and enjoyed reading the eye cues post :)