Friday, 7 September 2007

article: reading in a digital world

How many children today are becoming Socrates' nightmare, decoders of
information who have neither the time nor the motivation to think beneath or
beyond their googled universes? Will they become so accustomed to immediate
access to escalating on-screen information that they will fail to probe beyond
the information given to the deeper layers of insight, imagination and knowledge
that have led us to this stage of human thought? Or, will the new demands of
information technologies to multitask, integrate and prioritize vast amounts of
information help to develop equally, if not more valuable, skills that will
increase human intellectual capacities, quality of life and collective wisdom as
a species?

Reading in a digital world.. read more (link)

im not gonna add my comments on that since i wasn't a big fan of bookshops,, but its quite interesting to think about true knowledge aquistion in the near future which is what i believe is what should be tought instead of wasting time on stuffing heads with outdated, and unnecessary junk that will take them forever to de-value after discovering that all what they did is bring more prejudiced people.

mind me being all negative.

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