Sunday, 1 July 2007


Tucked in bed and kissed good night, daddy's two little girls, with golden brown curls and pink cheeks, wearing their night gowns together with their stuffed purple elephant and blue monkey, the moon says its time to sleep.

Little: daddy, i don't want to sleep now. i am not sleepy, its morning now, when will i wake up? how come i am awake and its not morning?
Dad: sweety, its 8:00 pm and you will wake up at 6:00 am to the bus, there are plenty of hours to sleep, 10 hours.
Little thought for a bit and looked at her dad: i finished the ten hours, see, i am awake
Dad: sweety, can you see the moon out there, its dark outside, when its sunny you can get up.

Dad goes, so she gets up and puts her shoes, sits in bed and waits for the morning to come.

the shoes, a pair like peter pan's but it was red. they giggled when their father passed by the room to check on them as they held their laughs so much under the blanket so they would seem sleeping, how strange she could sleep with her shoes on to bed she laughs..

Little started thinking of the school yard and the color book in her bag she will get to paint in tomorrow after passing the big black gate.

she looked from the window and it was still dark, asking the stars to become bigger so there would be more light.

eventually she went towards the window and looked at the moon, it was pretty circle, she could just keep looking and it made sense, she saw herself with one red shoes on and a tennis shoes, purple elephant and the coloring book in the school yard wearing her night gown. she smiled for how funny that is but kept going, it was wonderland. it was the feeling that i want tomorrow to come so fast. tomorrow is more magic.

a dream sees itself true. a small spontaneous passion.


what would keep you 100% tuned in these days?


No_Angel said...

nothing variety is the spice of life, and multi tasking is its pot!

Tala said...

yeah, you have a point, i think what kills one passion is routine with no progress, so variety is what spices things up, and the way to attain it is multi tasking